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child caring for gums

Gum Care Awareness and Children

child caring for gums

Are you aware that September is Gum Care Awareness month? Even though you may think that gum care isn’t something you should be concerned about for your children, it is! While it’s uncommon for children to develop severe gum disease, milder forms are frequently found in children of all ages. Taking care of your child’s gums is an extremely important part of his or her dental and overall health. If the gums aren’t properly taken care of, your child is at risk of developing gum disease. The infection that causes gum disease can also cause a number of major health issues later in your child’s life if it is left untreated. These issues can be serious and long-term.

If you believe your child has developed gum disease, please contact our staff today to book an appointment.

What is Gum Disease?

Also referred to as periodontal disease, gum disease is an infection or irritation of the gum tissues surrounding the teeth. It is caused by plaque building up on the surface of the teeth. Plaque is full of bacteria that sticks to the teeth. If it isn’t removed, it will harden into a substance called tartar. Tartar leads to infections. It also leads to bone and tooth loss.

While gum disease is preventable by following a good basic dental care routine, there are some children who are at a higher risk of developing gum disease. These children will require extra gum care. Some of the things that put a child at a higher risk of periodontal disease include:

1. Certain genes

2. Mouth breathing

3. Poor diet

4. Autoimmune or systemic diseases

5. Diabetes

6. Hormonal changes in the body, like during puberty

7. Grinding of the teeth

8. Certain medicines

What Does Periodontal Disease Look Like for Children?

Gum disease can range from mild to severe. However, most children are diagnosed with the mildest form of the disease, which is known as gingivitis. While gingivitis isn’t usually painful, your child may not have any idea that he or she has it. Symptoms of gum disease in children are bleeding while brushing or flossing, a change in bite and jaw alignment, red or swollen gums, and persistent bad breath.

While the above symptoms don’t appear to be severe, they can cause serious complications and health problems if they are left untreated. If your child has any of the previously mentioned symptoms, you should schedule an appointment with us as soon as possible.

How Can I Assist My Child in Practicing Great Gum Care?

The best way to prevent gum disease in children is to practice excellent dental care. Since the primary cause of gum disease is the build-up of plaque upon the teeth, your child should brush his or her teeth twice daily, as well as floss once daily. These simple activities are good ways to assist your child in preventing gum disease and other dental health complications.

If your child is younger, you should avoid giving him or her a bottle when they go to bed at night. Nighttime bottles makes the teeth decay faster and assists in the development of periodontal disease.

Parents of young children who use pacifiers should be sure that the pacifier is clean and properly sanitized. That’s because germs and bacteria can stick to pacifiers, which can also lead to tooth decay and periodontal disease.

Making sure your child has an established dentist is an excellent way to ensure that your child’s oral health is maintained. Ensuring that your child is comfortable with his or her dentist will help your child in achieving a healthy smile that lasts a lifetime.

Remember, it’s important that your child brushes twice a day using a fluoride toothpaste, flosses once daily, and sees his or her dentist in Lakewood Ranch on a regular basis to receive checkups and cleanings. Your child’s dentist will be able to diagnose and treat any type of gum disease that is found during his or her appointment. Following these tips will help in preventing gum disease from occurring in your child.

If you believe your child has developed gum disease, please contact our staff today to book an appointment.

What Kinds of Treatments Are Available if My Child Needs Gum Care?

In most cases, all that will need to be done to treat your child for gum disease in its earliest stages is a professional cleaning. This should be followed up with brushing and flossing daily.

If the gum disease has progressed into a more advanced form, your child’s dentist may recommend a deep cleaning or scaling, as well as root planing to get rid of the plaque and tartar present underneath the gum line. This form of treatment will smooth out damaged surfaces while encouraging your child’s gums to reattach to his or her teeth. Extreme cases of periodontal disease may need to be treated via surgery that repairs the gums, alongside antibiotics that will kill off any infection that has begun. No matter what stage gum disease your child has, we are here to help.

A Pediatric Dentist in Lakewood Ranch Can Assist You in Caring for Your Child’s Gums

Our practice is dedicated to providing top-notch gum care for your child. Our team of experienced dentists can treat all kinds of different dental conditions. We can also help you figure out the best type of daily dental care routine that your child should be following.

Remember, gum disease is a serious condition that can negatively impact your child’s health for a lifetime. If you think that your child has developed periodontal disease you should contact our staff today to schedule an appointment. We’re looking forward to seeing you and your child at his or her checkup. Our staff wants to make sure that your child’s teeth and gums remain happy and healthy for years to come.

If you believe your child has developed gum disease, please contact our staff today to book an appointment.

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