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Affordable Dental Payment Options

High-quality dental care does not have to be expensive. We make it a priority to offer affordable, quality dental care to members of the community. No one should have to give up getting treatment for a problem or even getting regular checkups because they’re worried about the cost. Our affordable dental services make it easy to get and maintain a healthy smile. Contact our office if you’re looking for an affordable dentist who never sacrifices quality to cut costs. We welcome new patients all the time, so we’d love to meet you. Don’t feel embarrassed about asking about payment options or for advice about other ways we can help you save money on dental care services. Many new patients have concerns about costs and we like helping them access affordable care.

Are There Flexible Financing Options for Dental Care?

If you need dental work done, but you’re afraid you don’t have enough money to pay upfront, you’re probably asking people around you where you can find a, “dentist near me that takes payments.” Distributing the cost of your treatment over several months will make it easier to meet your obligations. Knowing where you can find a dentist with payment options is essential if you have an emergency where waiting for treatment could result in tooth loss. You’ll save money by avoiding more expensive treatment later on. Remember, it always costs less to repair a tooth with a filling or a root canal and a crown than it does to replace the tooth with a bridge or a dental implant. If you want to learn more about our dental payment options or you need an appointment, please contact our office. Don’t feel embarrassed about asking about costs or financing; many of our patients need help paying for unexpected costs. Continue reading

DentRite® Discount Plan

Would you like to save between 20 and 70 percent off your dental costs? You can with affordable dental plans like DentRite®. Unlike dental insurance, where you pay a monthly premium, with a dental discount plan you pay a low annual membership fee for an individual or family plan. DentRite dental discount plans let you save on exams, x-rays, root canals and much more. You can enjoy significant savings on a broad range of preventative, restorative and cosmetic services. An individual can save $250 a year just on preventative care. That’s more than three times what the annual membership costs, which is why we highly recommend the plan.

The DentRite discount dental plan is so easy to use. Sign up and in seven to 10 days, you’ll get a membership card in the mail. Simply come see us or any other participating dentist, show your card, and then pay the discounted rate at the time of service. There are no claims forms nor extra paperwork to fill out. You can use the plan as often as you need to there are no annual benefit limits like some dental insurance plans. DentRite is an easy, inexpensive way to maintain a healthy smile.

DentRite features savings on other health-related services as well. You can save money on prescriptions, vision and hearing care at thousands of participating providers. If you or anyone in your household needs a hearing aid, glasses or LASIK surgery, the plan practically pays for itself. We enjoy seeing our patients enjoy all the benefits of their DentRite plan.
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Many Dental Insurance Plans Accepted

For our patient’s convenience, our dental practice accepts many low-cost dental insurance plans. We also submit claims on our patient’s behalf. We want to see as many people as possible use their benefits to maintain their oral health. While we encourage patients to review their policies carefully, we’re always here to answer patient’s questions about whether a procedure is covered or how much their affordable dental insurance company will require them to pay out of pocket. If you have inexpensive dental insurance from your employer, the plan administrator at your job may also be able to answer your questions. To learn more about the specific dental insurance plans we accept, continue reading. Continue reading

Special Offers on Dental Services

Our new patient dental specials, which we offer occasionally, provide new patients an excellent value. We enjoy meeting new patients and introducing then to our friendly staff. For regular patients, we also offer dental cleaning specials from time to time. Dental cleanings are important for helping prevent cavities and gum disease, yet some people skip them because they can’t afford the expense. We would prefer to offer a special and see people lower their risk for these dental diseases which can cause tooth loss. Our deals on dental care are just one way we try to make it easy for people to get affordable, and high-quality care because the two shouldn’t be mutually exclusive. Our specials are also an ideal way to save money and get to know us. Learn more about our special offers and deals. Learn more about our special offers and discounts

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